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Official Actor/Character Sites

Amy Jo Johnson

Auckland Actors - New Zealand Actors Site

Austin St. John

Cerina Vincent

Dave Mallow


Kerrigan Mahan

Nakia Burrise

Official Princess Shayla Fan Site

Phillip Jeanmarie

Richard Epcar

Richard Horvitz

Wendee Lee

Characters/Actors/Actresses Fan Sites

Adam Park ~ Johnny Yong Bosch
A Johnny Bosch Fan Page

Andros ~ Christopher Khayman Lee
A Christopher Khayman Lee Site
CKL 4 Life
Lord Khayman

Astronema/Karone ~ Melody Perkins
Melody Online

Blake ~ Jorgito Vargas Jr.
Jorgito Vargas Jr.

Cassie Chan ~ Patricia Ja Lee
The Official Patricia Ja Lee Fan Club!

Cole Evans ~ Ricardo Medina Jr.
Richardo's Realm

Dustin Brooks ~ Glenn McMillan
Glenn McMillan Online

Jen ~ Erin Cahill
Top of the Cahill - Erin Cahill fan blog

Kai Chen ~ Archie Kao
Archie Kao Online

Kimberly Ann Hart ~ Amy Jo Johnson
The Amy Jo Johnson Galaxy

Kira Ford ~ Emma Lahana
Emma Lahana Musician/Actress

Leo Corbett/Danny Slavin
Slavin's Haven

Lord Zedd ~ Robert Axelrod/Ed Neil
Chamber Of Command

Marah/Cassidy Cornell ~ Katrina Devine
Simply Devine - Katrina Devine fansite

Mr. Collins ~ Edward Lawrence Albert
In Loving Memory: Edward Albert

Sky Tate ~ Chris Violette
A Blast From The Past

T.J. Johnson ~ Selwyn Ward
The World of Ward

Tommy Oliver ~ Jason David Frank
Frankly Jason - Jason David Frank fansite
JDF Fans Only

Tori Hanson ~ Sally Martin
Blue Wind Ranger: The Official Tori Hanson Fanlist

Sally Martin Online

Vypra ~ Jennifer Yen
Jennifer Yen Online

Z ~ Monica May
Monica May - fansite

Zhane ~ Justin Nimmo
Nimmo Land

Pairings Fan Sites

Ars Amoria

Blue Ranger's Photo Page (Tori & Blake)

Patricia & Selwyn Online

Pink & White Love

Power Rangers Romance Website

Tommy & Kimberly

General/Series Specific Fan Sites

Actors In Spandex

After The Power

Al's MMPR Site

Blue Power Shrine (Wind & Mystic Rangers)

Craig's All Purpose Power Rangers Site


Henshin Grid

Linear Ranger's Site

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

Morph A Day - Rangers Daily

Morphin Legacy

Morphylogeny: The PR Footage Guide

Nak's Power Rangers Page

Natinspace's Power Rangers Time Force

Ninja Center

No Pink Spandex

Power Rangers Castle

Power Rangers Gateway

Power Rangers Haven

Power Ranger Millennium Database

Power Rangers Never Die

Power Rangers Retrocenter

Power Rangers S.P.D. - Patrol in Progress

Power Rangers Spoiler Warnings

Power Rangers Time Force

Power Rangers Toy Guide

Power Rangers Transcripts

Power Rangers Unlimited

Power Rangers Unpatched

Power Rangers Web Site

Power Rangers Wiki

Project Hexagon

RangerBoard Forums

Ranger Central

Saban's Power Ranger's Channel

Star Points Ranger Crew

The Clock Tower

The Dark Galaxy

The Power is On

The Power Rangers Zone

The Realm of Shy Ranger

The Shadow Realm

The Simple Power Rangers S.P.D.

The Viewing Globe

Time For Time Force

Zeo Ranger's Power Ranger Site

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